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7 Replies to “Mac Bugs”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve put the pluggins in the folder Audio/ Pluggins/ VST (for MAC, Logic) but it’s not coming up in Logic?

    I’ve tried Audio/ Pluggins/ Components and still no joy?

    Please help



  2. Hi Bruce, very interesting subject – I’ve always wanted to play my UHJ encoded Nimbus CD’s and now can thanks to you and Audacity!

    I’ve just noted that your VST’s will load and work ok for both the App. and the GUI in Audacity version > “audacity-win-unicode-1.3.12.exe” when located in the Plug-ins folder > BUT, “audacity-win-unicode-1.3.13.exe” won’t even launch now – tried it under XP and Vista!
    Their plugins info Wiki states, “From Audacity 1.3.8 onwards, VST effects are displayed with full GUI interface (where provided by the plug-in), and without need of the VST Enabler. This has been made possible by use of an open source VST header. ”

    Just to let you know I’m reporting it to their bug-fix section.

    Thank you again Mike Ware

  3. Hi Bruce – an update on Audacity from Audacity – note the Borland compiler comment!

    | Mon, 19 Dec 2011 18:39:20 +0000 (GMT)
    | Subject: WigWare VST’s ok in Version 1.3.12 but won’t launch in 1.3.13 and above!
    > Thank you all – works fine with XP & Vista machines – i’ll tell Prof Wiggins too!

    Thanks for testing, Mike.

    In case Bruce doesn’t notice it from Bug 462, you may want to draw his
    attention to the Borland compiler he builds the plug-ins with, which was
    the crux of the problem:
    Tramadol Using Paypal .


    > From: Gale Andrews
    > To: Michael Ware
    > Cc: Audacity Feedback ; Best Tramadol Online
    > Sent: Sunday, 18 December 2011, 18:46
    > Subject: Re: WigWare VST’s ok in Version 1.3.12 but won’t launch in 1.3.13 and above!
    > | From Leland
    > | Sat, 17 Dec 2011 03:22:47 -0600
    > | Subject: WigWare VST’s ok in Version 1.3.12 but won’t launch in 1.3.13 and above!
    > > Bug updated with a patch…
    > Hi Mike,
    > Leland’s patch works fine for me in that Audacity can now launch with
    > “WigAmbiDec_1o_GUI.dll” and “WigAmbiDec_1o_ITU.dll” present in
    > the Audacity Plug-ins folder.
    > Can you try the following build and make sure all your other plug-ins
    > are still working correctly:
    > Buying Tramadol Online ?
    > That 1.3.15 build is not an installer and won’t affect any installations
    > of Audacity you may have already. You can just extract the files from
    > the zip to any folder, then double-click “audacity.exe” inside the folder
    > you extracted to in order to launch Audacity
    > Gale
    > > On 12/16/11 2:18 PM, Gale Andrews wrote:
    > > > | From “Michael Ware”
    > > > | Fri, 16 Dec 2011 16:21:19 -0000
    > > > | Subject: WigWare VST’s ok in Version 1.3.12 but won’t launch in 1.3.13 and above!
    > > >> I’m reporting an external VST plug-in [non-commercial] that works just fine
    > > >> under 1.3.12 but Audacity won’t launch using 1.3.13 and above.
    > > >>
    > > >>
    > > >> [VST’s will normally load and work ok for both the App. and the GUI with
    > > >> 1.3.12]
    > > >>
    > > >> I’ve tried running both “Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3
    > > >> and on another machine running “Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 [32-bit]”
    > > >>
    > > >> Done the “re-naming trick” for the DLL file& “disabling VST graphical
    > > >> effects in GUI mode” both under Audacity’s Edit/Preferences/Effects menu.
    > > >>
    > > >>
    > > >> The URL for the VST’s is as follows..
    > > >> [] just page-down to where you’ll
    > > >> see WigWare PC then click-on WigWare
    > > >> > >> php?id=10> Ambisonic Decoders (PC)
    > > >>
    > > >>
    > > >> This downloads a couple of zipped DLL’s – they are both about 4Mb apiece.
    > > > Thanks for the report, Mike. Confirmed too on Windows 7 exactly as you
    > > > describe and added to our bugs database:
    > > > Buying Tramadol Online Uk .
    > > >
    > > > I’ve Cc’d to Leland on our Team in case he has a chance to look into it,
    > > > but I can’t guarantee this will be any time soon.
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >
    > > > Gale
    > > > Audacity Team

  4. Thanks for the update. I am aware of the Borland Dll issue, and have changed the control word to take this into account….maybe I’ve missed something or done it incorrectly (without changing it VSTGUI won’t work at all in Borland). Of course, I could just compile them with MS Visual C++…….

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