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9 Replies to “8 Channel Files and HTML5”

  1. No spamming here, I promise. I’m trying to build an ambisonic player (b-format/4 channels) using native webkit html5 and I’m finding that chrome sees my 4 channel ogg file as an incompatible number of channels for playback. I can’t help but notice I’m able to play back the 8 channel ogg posted in the player on this page. Since it appears you are looking into these things, have you any insight into working with multi-channel audio in html5?

    Currently my plan is to simply play back two stereo files synchronously and proceed with decoding from there.

    Thanks for your interesting work. I have much enjoyed your writing and your coding over the years.

  2. Hi Daryl. Sorry for the delay in replying…..been a bit hectic here! I know Matthew Paradis from the BBC is looking into using HTML5 for Ambisonic Decoding. I’m not sure how far he’s got, but it seems like a killer app for Ambisonic delivery. Finally the decoding etc. can be handled by the browser directly rather than using fixed decodes, or relying on plug-ins or separate applications.

    Details of a thread about it are at Get Tramadol Prescription Online



  3. I came across that thread. As it stands I have a working panner/decoder (I think) that outputs in stereo. I have tried doing a multi-channel out but it seems that the chrome web audio api (the browser I’m developing in) does not like multiple outputs currently. For example no web audio api app that I’ve tried will make any sound if my soundcard is set to a quad output. I’ve tried this on two separate systems with the same results. Would you be interested in taking a look at it? It’s far from finished but I would value your input.

  4. Absolutely. I’d be delighted to try it 🙂

    p.s. I noticed today (well, chrome noticed…correctly!) that my website had been hacked. I’ve cleaned it all now (thanks to Real Tramadol Online) A number of javascript files were infected, but MS security essentials caught it on my PC……you might want to run a virus check if you’re on a PC……

  5. Can I send the link to the contact email address listed on this blog? The page isn’t quite ready for prime-time yet but I’d still appreciate feedback from you. I’m also happy to post the link back here once it is ready for any interested lurkers reading this.

  6. Hi Bruce

    interesting experiment did you go any further? I have had multichan files playback via QT links ok in VLC and itunes surprisingly by using soundflower but have not found a way to embed in a site and keep the multiple outputs

    In firefox ogg played discrete and multiple and would route via Jack to 8 outputs – aac wouldnt play and wav I couldnt actually see
    In safari – ogg played all as mono thru 1+2 – aac came across as 5.1 through 1+2 only – WAV just played 1+2 correctly and then silence.

    Seems safari cant access mutiple outpluts but firefox can – I guess its their use or not use of html5. Im on osx 10.6.8

    Hope you dont mind ive copied out your code to try to understand html5 – im no web designer



  7. Hi Bruce, I’m wondering if you could please publish a short tutorial on how you did this? would be super helpful! nothing much else helpful on the web..

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