Sounds in Space 2014 – Video, Pics and Feedback

Sounds in Space happened on 30th June this year and was an excellent day (the programme and details of the day can be found here).  There are always things which could be done better, and hopefully we’ve got all these noted ready for next year (fingers crossed).  If you weren’t able to make the event, then the details below may give you a glimpse of what you missed and whether you’d like to come next time!

The 27 speaker 3D surround sound setup was the best we’ve ever had, made possible with the help of recent graduates from Sound, Light and Live Event Technology and Richard and Mark, technicians in Electronics and Sound.  Alex Wardle (graduate from Music Tech and Production) also created a video of the event which can be viewed at: 

Simon Lewis, Creative Technologies Research Group member took a few pics of the day which you can find at the bottom of this post.

Survey Results

We had nearly 40 people attend the event, and I’ve managed to get 25 of them to fill in a questionnaire!

Scale is 1 – very dissatisfied 3 – neutral 5 – very satisfied.

SinS Satisfaction 2014

Please tell us what you like best about this conference?

Many mentioned the inclusion of the live demonstrations which were a deliberate feature of this event.  Many commenting of the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and the range, depth and quality of the content for the event (largely delivered by CTRG members).  Having the excellent BBC keynote by Chris Pike (BBC R & D) was also mentioned.

Please tell us what you’d change to improve this conference in the future?

The main issues raised here (if any!) were that time keeping slipped right at the very end of the conference (it had been pretty much ‘to the minute’ throughout the day), which meant a few missed more opportunity to network at the end, and that a break in the afternoon session would have been welcomed and that softer chairs would have been nice!

SinS Come Again 2014

One person answered ‘no’ to the question above……you can’t please everyone 😉

What was your favourite talk/topic today?

Answers to this question were more often things like ‘I enjoyed them all’ and ‘I couldn’t choose a favourite as each had such a unique topic to offer’ but notable mentions were given for:

  • Chris Pike’s (BBC) Keynote and demo.
  • Duncan Werner’s (Derby) GASP talk and demo.
  • Iain McKenzie’s (Derby) bone conduction headset talk.
  • John Crossley’s (Derby) TiMax talk and demo.
  • Rob Lawrence’s ( talk and demo.
  • Adam Hill’s (Derby) low frequency localisation work.

Overall a great day with some great feedback.  Let’s hope the 5th Sounds in Space leads on to the 6th…

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  1. Hi bruce,
    What was the slide about the heiroglyphs about at this conference out of curiosity ? (those seen in above image).

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