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10 Replies to “YouTube Binaural Reaper Project”

  1. Additionally, in the attached Reaper project template, it seems that the second channel (X) from your FuMA (?) VST is mapped to ambiX (Y). This will need to be remapped via the VST routing matrix (“plug-in pin connector”), correct? Or am I missing something?

  2. That’s a great wok Bruce, thanks. So I just need binaural ambisonic decoder plug-in on YoutubeBinaural channel and we are ready to glue it to the 360 video ? or am I missing something?

  3. This project was made so the YouTube Ambisonics to Binaural algorithm could be used off-line. However, shortly after I reverse engineered the filters, google released them!

    In order to glue it to the video, you just need to attach the ambiX B format audio – the YouTube Binaural Channel is doing the Amb->binaural decoding so the eventual headphone output could be heard from Reaper.

  4. I see..I was finally able to upload my movie on Youtube with spatial information ; )!. I have one problem though.. when I upload it with 1 or 2 audio tracks and pan them e.g. max L and max R it works, but when I add more sources (panned with Your plug’ins and one time tried to pan it with field rotator) all of the sources are panned on left side..(on reaper project all sounds good). Any idea why things get mixed online?

  5. I just wanted to say thanks for the wealth of information you’ve shared here, I’m working on my first ambisonic project and your blog, along with Blue Ripple Sounds tools, have been incredibly helpful.
    I did have a strange Youtube related problem, I wonder if any one else has come across this. I created a video with spatial audio and followed the correct procedure for metadata injection, but when I upload it to Youtube, I get an error saying that Youtube cannot process the video. If I use standard audio I have no such problem. However, my colleague can upload the video with spatial audio and it processes and works fine. Digging around it appears that some users experience issues with processing 3D audio and others do not, but with no explanation for Youtube, has anyone else had this infuriating problem?

  6. Hi. We’ve had a similar issue recently, and it turned out to be that the -layout quad command is no longer accepted by youtube and you now need to either not specify a layout, or specify 4.0 instead (-layout 4.0).

    I wonder if you’re having the same issue (I’ve just updated my page to reflect this)

  7. Hi all. Noob here. I just need a template that is ready to go for encoding 4 mono files to ambisonic wav (4.0 in B format). I know to use the AtoB encoder, but just for the master track, right? The four mono tracks under that just need the mono wav files and the right mapping. I can’t get it right. Each individual track is setup for 4 tracks and a 1-4 config. When I render I choose 4 channels. For each mono track I had a planewave encoder and positioned each track to either Left, Right, Back Left, Back Right accordingly. When I combine my video with the resulting audio track in Adobe Premiere Pro with ambisonics box checked, I then test it out on Youtube…no back channel action – just sound in the front speakers including the center channel. Help!

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