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21 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve enjoyed your blog and wondering if you would be able to point me in the direction of resources to figure out how to transcode 4 channel binaural audio to ambisonic b-format (ultimately needs to be in Furse-Malham layout). I appreciate any insight you can provide.


  2. Hi Jennifer. When you say 4 channel binaural, do you mean something like the Chris Milk quad binaural (i.e. 8 channels), or do you mean four channels (four ears…..)?



  3. It should be possible to get something resembling B-format out of it. However, I’ve never used one of these mics, and the ears will make the conversion somewhat challenging (ears are easy to add later, harder to take away 😉 ) and you’ll not be able to get any height information (Z channel)

  4. Hi Bruce. I am trying to find a 2nd or 3rd order decoder for an 8 speaker horizontal array. Do you know of any others that may work? VST or audio unit?

  5. Hi Bruce,
    We are looking to integrate ambisonic track streaming from http requested MP4 videos in our multi-platform Unity VR content distribution app.
    Do you know if there are available solutions for this?
    How long would it take to develop a decoder and play the ambisonic track from a streamed MP4 from scratch?
    Any references could greatly help.

    Thank you dearly for your wonderful website!

  6. Hi Bruce, great set of resources but sadly I can’t download your PC plug ins as the link seems dead…

  7. Hello Bruce,

    Could you please give me a light on how to do the conversion of AmbiX (4channel) to TBE?

    I’ve managed to export the AmbiX file and everything works correctly for Youtube but now I need a facebook version and I’m not sure how to configure the facebook export track in Reaper. Should I use WIG ambi signal remap with SN3D/ACN and then Ambix to TBE matrix (16-8) in the effects chain? Is the TBE plugin expecting a 16 channel Ambix file? How should I deal with this?

    Thank you very much in advance,


  8. Hi Bruce,
    Great page! I am a cutting engineer for analog recordings. Today I recorded “The barbershop” onto Vinyl and while it was with a good result it wasn’t true B-format. I am using Cubase as DAW. Do you have any suggestion on a plug in? Thanks!

  9. Hello Bruce,

    I cut Vinyl records and I am thinking of cutting ambisonic, binaural audio onto Vinyl. I use Cubase as DAW. Which plug in or encoder would you recommend to use before the signal is going into the cutting unit (RIAA)? Thanks for your reply

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