Conference Presentations & Demonstrations

  • Duncan Werner; Wiggins, Bruce; Emma Fitzmaurice; and Matthew Hart. Immersive Sound for Electric Guitar: Further Developments of the GASP Project.  Presentation made at ADC 2021.
  • Dring, M., Wiggins, B. (2020) WHAM: Webcam Head-tracked AMbisonics Video.  Reproduced Sound 2020 – Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, Vol. 42. Pt. 3 2020, UK
  • Dring, M., Wiggins, B. (2018) How High is Enough? Strategies for Ambisonics Immersive Audio over Headphones. Sounds in Space Research Symposium, 2018, Derby, UK
  • Wiggins, B. (2017) Analysis of Binaural Cue Matching using Ambisonics to Binaural Decoding Techniques.  4th International Conference on Spatial Audio, 7-10 Sept., Graz, Austria.
  • Wiggins, B. (2017) Measured Reverbs for Ambisonics and VR.  Sounds in Space Research Symposium 2017, Derby, UK. (Video)
  • Werner, D., Wiggins, B.  Guitars with Ambisonic Spatial Performance.  Klingt Gut 2017, Hamburg, Germany.
  • Wiggins, B. (2016) Head-tracked audio for all – the 3D audio VR revolution.  Reproduced Sound 2016, Institute of Acoustics, Southampton, UK (Invited Talk).
  • Wiggins, B. (2016) Surround Audio for Virtual Reality.  Sounds in Space Research Symposium 2016, Derby, UK.
  • Wiggins, B. (2015) AmbiFreeverb 2 – A steerable 3D reverb for Ambisonic production.  Sounds in Space Research Symposium, Derby, UK.
  • Wiggins, B. (2014) Practical Ambisonics, the Pros, Cons and Pitfalls of 3D Audio.  Invited speaker at Sound Recording Techniques, Organised by the Musical Acoustics and Electroacoustics Group Sound Recording Techniques and their influences on Musical Composition, Interpretation, Performance and Appreciation, MediaCityUK, Salford, UK
  • Wiggins, B. (2012) Practical Ambisonics.  Invited speaker at Institute of Acoustics’ Reproduced Sound 2012, Brighton, UK.
  • Wiggins, B. (2012) Practical Ambisonics.  Invited speaker at 15th International Conference on Digital Audio Effects Conference (DAFx-12), University of York, UK
  • Wiggins, B. (2012) Future-proof surround sound mixing using Ambisonics and Reaper. 25th AES UK Conference: Spatial Audio in Today’s 3D World in association with the 4th International Symposium on Ambisonics and Spherical Acoustics, University of York, UK
  • Wiggins, B. (2012) Bringing Audio to [Ambisonic] Order.  Invited speaker at COMPASS (Centre for Composition and Associated Studies), Univerversity of Birmingham, UK.
  • Wiggins, B., Spenceley, T. (2009)  Distance coding and performance of the mark 5 and st350 SoundField microphones and their suitability for Ambisonic reproduction. Reproduced Sound 25 – Proceeding of the Institute of Acoustics, Vol 31, Pt 4.
  • Wiggins, B. (2009) Future Proof Surround Sound Mixing Using Ambisonics. Presentation given at the Forum for Innovation in Music Production and Composition, Leeds College of Music, UK
  • Wiggins, B (2009) “The Simulation of Distance in Multi-Channel Audio”, Presentation at University of Derby Research Conference, Derby, UK.
  • Wiggins, B. (2008) Has Ambisonics Come of Age?  Reproduced Sound 24 – Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics, Vol 30. Pt 6.
  • Wiggins, B. (2008) Ambisonics in Reaper – Spatial Sound & Music, EPSRC SpACE-NET International Workshop, University of Derby, UK
  • Wiggins, B. (2008) Screencasts for Education using BB Flashback and Adobe Captivate.  Presentation given at Faculty of Arts, Design and Technology Teaching, Learning and Assessment conference, Derby, UK.
  • Wiggins, B. (2007) The Generation of Panning Laws for Irregular Speaker Arrays Using Heuristic Methods. Proceedings of the 31st International AES conference, London, UK.
  • Wiggins, B. Paterson-Stephens, I., Lowndes, V., Berry, S. (2003) The Design and Optimisation of Surround Sound Decoders Using Heuristic Methods. Proceedings of UKSim 2003, Conference of the UK Simulation Society p.106-114.
  • Wiggins, B., (2003); Deriving Optimal Settings for Surround Sound Systems, The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, guest speaker, September 2003
  • Wiggins, B., Lennox, P. (2002) Worm – Real-time 32 speaker 1st and 2nd order Ambisonic installation demonstration, Maxis festival, 2002.

Poster Presentations

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