I’ve created this mini-site to support students at the University of Derby using my plug-ins for Music Production and Live Work.  I’ve made it public so others can benefit too!  Feel free to join the site!

UPDATE (Nov 2012): Here’s some videos (recorded live, rather than in my office!) consisting of much of the content from the old videos, but using version 4.x of Reaper which has much better multi-channel routing.  I don’t talk about hierarchical routing in these, but this is still the same, and available further down the page using version 3.x of Reaper.

The YouTube Playlist (comprising of three videos) can be found using this link.

The individual video links are:

WigWare Ambisonic Plugins – Download PC and Mac versions of my 1st order plugins from here.

Reaper Project Templates (1212 downloads)  – Download empty, but completely setup and routed Reaper projects from here.

These are the links to the older videos covering the same material as the new videos above.  I’ve kept them here in case there’s anything I explain better in these (which were recorded in my office) vs the live recorded videos above!

Links to the screen casts detailing how to use the WigWare plug-ins and Ambsionics in Reaper can be found below (all open in new window):

In Reaper, it’s possible to construct a hierarchy of tracks with child tracks automatically routing all channels of that track to the parent. This can potentially simplify and speed up the creation of Ambisonic mixes. If you want to know more, view the following two screencasts!

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