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2 Replies to “Teaching”

  1. Hi Bruce,
    I’ve researched ambisonics i.e. traced it back to its introduction via post war NRDC funding etc.

    Anyway I came across an interesting development and ask for your opinion on it…

    Apparently the original UHJ trans-coder had an unintentional but desirable effect on signals it affected, whereby the the once encoded signals were played back in regular stereo (without being decoded), would leave a greater impression of stereo, than if it had not passed through the transcoder. Though not a huge commercial success, ambisonic releases which did reach the public were described as having a “Super Stereo” quality when played un-decoded. Essentially this is is what I want to investigate. I welcome your opinion or even possibly an explanation. Being familiar with spatial EQ, methods devised much sooner than ambisonics, I wonder if elements of these were carried forward into the transcoder which as you know was designed in part by Mr. Gerzon, who apparently was also aware of these methods at the time, it would be intersting how (or if) the transcoder differs from the “shufflers”.

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