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12 Replies to “WigWare”

  1. I’m afraid I don’t have Cubase to test on. However, as far as I remember, Cubase has issues with multi-channel work (I think most use Nuendo for this, Steinberg-wise).



  2. Hi Bruce thanks for the awesome plugins! Regarding the Ambifreeverb, what format does it want to receive and what does it output? I see that it outputs 4ch so is it FuMa or Ambix? Do I input mono, stereo or Amibix/FuMa audio? Thankyou!

  3. Hi. It takes in 1st order Furse-Malham B-Format and outputs the same. You can input mono or stereo and it will give you an output on all four channels, but it’s designed to take in the 4 channels of B-format.

  4. Hi. Sorry for the late reply! The 24 speaker decoder was specifically designed for our Multi-channel Lab here at Derby (although it’s now 32 speakers!). What speaker arrangement are you wanting a decoder for?

  5. Hi. You can just use the 1st order one with O3A (with a plug-in to change to AmbiX). I haven’t made a 16 channel version. The 1st order one was more of a proof of concept, type idea, but could be extended. I may try to do that this term as I’ve had quite a few requests now!



  6. Personally, I’d try a combination of a Blumlein shuffler (converts low freq phase differences to amplitude) and EQ to flatten out of the frequency response. I have a Blumlein shuffler VST if you’re interested……

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