Sounds in Space 2018

Sounds in Space 2018 is now over, but we’ve got videos and accompanying PDFs (on their way!) of each of the talks to share.  Comments always welcome.

Sounds in Space 2018 – Day 1

Time Talk Author Video
11:00 Welcome Bruce Wiggins Video
11:10 Keynote : Redefining live sports audio for object-based and immersive broadcast: challenges and solutions. Ben Shirley Video
11:50 How High is Enough? Strategies for Ambisonics Immersive Audio over Headphones Bruce Wiggins & Mark Dring Video
12:20 Rethinking production techniques and aesthetics in Brazilian popular music using HOA José Ricardo Barboza Video
12:50 Lunch MS017/8
13:50 The simulation and evaluation of Planar HOA and WFS arrays Alex Vilkaitis Video
14:20 The Spherical Glitch Studies Timothy Schmele Video
14:50 Composing for an Ambisonic Environment Rob Cadman Video
15:20 Break MS017/8
N/A The Politics of Periphony (shared after the event via video) Aditya Mandayam
15:50 3D audio for music: an investigation into recomposition for binaural reproduction Jo Lord Video
16:20 What differences does spatial audio make for the viewer compared to a stereo downmix? A heatmap case-study. Martin Rieger Video
16:50 Break
17:20 Holomorph ( Augustine Leudar Video 
18:00 Close of Day 1

Sounds in Space 2018 – Day 2

Time Talk Author Room
10:00 Welcome Bruce Wiggins Video
10:10 Psychoacoustics of 3D and VR Sound Recording: Research and Practice Hyunkook Lee Video
10:50 Presentation : Composing 3D immersive music and acusmatic montrage : strategies, aesthetic and perception & Cathédrales : I – Ville aux cents clochers David Ledoux Video
11:20 On High Frequency Variation in Ambisonics Thomas McKenzie Video
11:50 Lunch MS017/8
12:50 Immersive Audio for the Live Event Dave Haydon Video
13:30 Strategies for the Creation of Spatial Gestures in Virtual Reality Michael Smith Video
14:00 Break MS017/8
14:30 Translation between surround formats: A case study using Moog analogue synthesis in the piece Voyage Foog Phat Moog No1. Simon Hall Video
15:00 rive: splitting sound and light James Dooley Video
15:30 Insights for 3rd Order Ambisonic creation with high-definition production values Kinicho Video
16:00 Close

Call for Works now closed – please see details in the Call for Works section later in the page.

We now have a website for Sounds in Space.  To submit an abstract, book a place, or view the programme for the event please visit:

A Research Symposium – Tues/Wed 26th/27th June, 2018 University of Derby
Markeaton Street Campus

This is a low cost event, with meals and light refreshments provided.  If you wish to register for the event, then please visit

Sounds In Space, hosted by Creative Technologies Research Group, will involve a full programme of research presentations and practical demonstrations relating to spatial sound providing a rich opportunity for exploration of academic, technical and creative practice research in the aesthetics, procedure, technology and perception of technology-based spatial sound and music using the facilities of the Markeaton Street Campus of the University of Derby.  The day features a 28 speaker with-height Ambisonic Speaker Array in the main presentation room, as well as a Sonic Emotion Wave 1 Wavefield Synthesis Array.

Call for Works:
If you’re interested in demonstrating your work (research, case study, surround sound/VR installation/composition etc), then please see the call and further details PDF below. The event is a relaxed and stimulating one with time for networking/questions and discussion.  Feedback on previous years symposia has been excellent, and there’s always a great mix of theory and practise with a focus on demonstrations and examples during the day using the 32 speaker 3D array installed in the presentation room for the event.

Sounds in Space Call for Works 2018 (deadline for abstracts, 8th April 2018)

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Picture of a Surround Concert in Auditorium 3 at Markeaton Street, 2011
Picture of a Surround Concert in Auditorium 3 at Markeaton Street, 2011