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4 Replies to “YouTube 360 VR Ambisonics Teardown!”

  1. Hi Bruce,
    You may find useful to acces the origional HRTF set used by Goggle for their 1st-order A,mbsionics decoder.
    You can access to them here:
    Buying Tramadol Online Illegal
    As you will see, the decoder is based on 8 binaural IRs, corresponding to 8 virtual loudspeakers located at the vertexes of a cube. No loudspeakers at hear height…
    The GIT also contains the coefficients employed for computing the speaker feeds from the Ambix signals:
    0.125 0.216495 0.21653 -0.216495
    0.125 -0.216495 0.21653 -0.216495
    0.125 0.216495 -0.21653 -0.216495
    0.125 -0.216495 -0.21653 -0.216495
    0.125 0.216495 0.21653 0.216495
    0.125 -0.216495 0.21653 0.216495
    0.125 0.216495 -0.21653 0.216495
    0.125 -0.216495 -0.21653 0.216495
    Hence the virtual microphone feeding each virtual loudspeaker is some sort of Hypercardioid, as fixing to 1 the gain in frontal direction, the rear negative lobe has a gain of – 0.5.
    It also appears that the directivity is frequency independent.
    Unfortunately, only the decoding coefficients for 1st order are provided. It would be nice to see what are the 3rd-order coefficients employed in Jump Inspector.

    You will also see that the 4 IRs are sampled at 48 kHz, 16 bits, and that they are 512 samples long.

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