Ambisonics B-Format to UHJ Transcoder

As a continuation of my previous post (UHJ to B-Format/Quad Transcoder/Decoder) I’ve now made a plug-in that transcodes/encodes from 1st Order B-Format (AmbiX or FuMa) to UHJ. As before, it’s based on Gerzon’s original paper ( and also includes what Gerzon calls a PQ meter which is a simple visualisation that can be used to look at matrix systems (as detailed in Pictures of 2-Channel Directional Reproduction Systems, also by Gerzon).

Here’s an animation showing it working with a simple panned sine wave (it gets much more interesting for real recordings/reverberant material!)

Both the encoder and the decoder can be downloaded via the link below:

Reaper JSFX UHJ Encoder/Decoder/Transcoder (19304 downloads )