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I’m very sorry to report that my website was hacked and was delivering malware between 20th – 22nd June, 2012.  Google Chrome picked it up straight away, and my virus checker (MS Security Essentials) cleaned instantly, but if you have visited the site recently, it would be a good idea to clear your browser cache and run a full virus scan.  The two exploits are reported as being:

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Looking at more details of the CVE exploit, it seems that it could have been targeting Macs, but I can’t be sure.  For example, see Real Tramadol Online, while the BlacoleRef is targetted at Windows (see Tramadol Online Europe for a different variant of the same trojan).

If your OS patches and anti-virus are up to date, then there shouldn’t be a problem, but please check to be sure.

After discussing the issue with my web host, we think we have identified how the exploit happened, and fixed the issue (my first attempt at cleaning the virus worked, but the site got reinfected soon after….it’s all clean now).   The freeTramadol Using Paypal website scanning tool was invaluable in this task, and for this free service, I thank you!

Sorry about this if it’s caused you any issues….normal service should now resume!

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The programme for the FREE Event Sounds in Space, is now available (it may still be tweaked, however, but the general timings for the day are fixed!).  This research symposium has speakers from the BBC, talks about Binaural Sound Art (with a 48-way binaural demo….bring your own headphones!) and aurilisations of Sonic Crystals, among other things!  Have at a look at the Cheap Tramadol page for details.