WigWare @ Glastonbury

It’s good to see that, even though The Glade festival wasn’t on this year, The Glade area of Glastonbury 2010 was being run by Funktion One using my WigWare Ambisonic Plug-ins to create a large scale Ambisonic surround sound experience!

IMG_3354We tested large scale Ambisonics at The Glade festival a few years ago now (2006, the pictures shown are from this event), with the stage being voted the best sounding of the festival (outdoor, Origin Stage).  One interesting finding that came out of those tests was that, although the Origin Stage was one of the loudest stages on-site, it was the quietest off-site.  Due to this, and the sound quality of the stage, The Glade Festival had all the stages setup this way the next year (although heavy flooding caused major issues that year!)

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IMG_3343 Ambisonics worked well in the large scale although, as expected, the imagery became very large (10 foot Geese, huge motorbike’s and the like on some of the recordings we had to test the rig with)!  These went down well with the festival goers before the acts started, however!

Here’s a link to the story about Funktion One @ Glastonbury this year.  It doesn’t mention the Ambisonics bit at all, but one of the photos shows the Midi controller used to control the WigWare Plug-ins running on Audiomulch.


Link to story –> http://prismsound.com/music_recording/studio_news.php?story=0207

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  1. Hiya Bruce, I spent some time at Funktion One this Glastonbury. Was impressed with the rig but couldn’t put my finger on why they worked so well… now I know! Good work! Fingers crossed on Glade Festival being back next year.

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