2nd and 3rd Order WigWare

I’ve currently got up to 4th order versions of my panners and decoders.  Attached to this post is a link to the 2nd and 3rd order Panners (encoders).  There are two versions of each order:

  • A 2D 2nd order version that outputs 5 channels of 2nd order Ambisonic goodness (W,X,Y,U & V)
  • A 3D version that outputs 9 channels (W,X,Y,Z,R,S,T,U & V)
  • A 2D 3rd order version that outputs 7 channels (W,X,Y,U,V,P & Q)
  • A 3D 3rd order version that outputs 16 channels (W,X,Y,Z,R,S,T,U,V,K,L,M,N,O,P & Q)
These panners use the Furse Malham weightings.  More info can be found here.

If NFC (near field compensation) is set to OFF then as the source is moved into the middle, the directional compenents are turned down (centre sources comes out of every speaker equally when decoded). If NFC is set to a distance, then the
distance parameter then controls the distance filtering which applies LF boost (proximity effect) as the source moves closer to the middle.

Download them by clicking
this link (2nd order PC)–>  [Download not found]
Or this link (3rd order PC)–> [Download not found]
Or this link (2nd order Mac)–> [Download not found]
Or this link (3rd order Mac)–> [Download not found]

Any questions, please post in the comments.  Decoders to follow….

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  1. Hi Bruce,

    I am new to this and have a question for you. This is what I’m trying to do:
    I would like to be able to programatically specify a spatial location for each source (and I could have up to 10). This location will change in time and I need to provide for each source a function that provides the location at any given time.
    Then render the audio for each of the channels (could be stereo or more) based on the input (virtual “mike”) spatial location.

    I am a programmer and might be able to do this through code but I was hoping some technology exists to allow me to do this.


  2. Hi Sebi. It sounds like you’d want to either look into the use of ReaScript (a scripting engine built into Reaper…..a good host to use with my plug-ins), or use an external program to send Open Sound Control data (OSC) to Reaper to automate my plug-ins (or anyone elses for that matter!) Processing.org is a good language for this…… is that the type of thing you’re thinking of?

  3. 3rd order, 8 speaker horizontal planar would be great. Im thinking about adding some more speakers to do height information but unsure about numbers and layout at the moment. What would be a good starting point? Cheers

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