OSX and Mavericks Fixed Plug-ins

I’ve uploaded two plug-ins which should fully work with Mavericks (on a side note, the old plug-ins still work fine with Plogue Bidule, it’s just Audiomulch and Reaper that exhibit identical issues.)

A 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th order 5.0 ITU decoder is available and should demonstrate the fix (and I’ve made it available for PC too!) ย Available on the WigWare page, or below!

  • [Download not found]
  • [Download not found]

21 Replies to “OSX and Mavericks Fixed Plug-ins”

  1. Hi Bruce,
    that’s great – looking forward to trying this / are you planning to release the regular shape HOA version too? I am most interested in 3rd order cube. greets stefan

  2. Hi Bruce, great work again, these are really great plugins. Just though I’d add that I would also be very interested in a regular shape 3-rd order decoder also, particularly 3rd order Octagon. That seems to me to be the only thing now missing from this really great set of plugins.
    Thanks again Bruce

  3. Hi Bruce,

    very cool !!!

    octagon? me too please. PC as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    you wouldn’t have dodeca- & icosa-hedra versions too by any chance

    greets stefan

  4. Just thought the blog was quiet; I’ve pointed a chap toward it, as he’s trying to get his head around ambisonics workflows. He wanted to use logic, so wondered if he could wrap plugins into AU, but also said some of the links were out of date (don’t know which ones)

  5. Hey Bruce, don’t suppose you’d have a 3rd order decoder plugin for Mac for regular layouts (octo-withoutCF especially). The PC one you sent me works great (better than any other I’ve found) but I cant seem to get Reaper to see the Mac version. It’s quite an old version so I’m guessing Apple have changed something in the meantime.
    Much obliged!

  6. yes, I’ve got some. Have you tried the ones linked to on the WigWare page? I think there’s a 3rd order Octo without CF in there (or is that the one your Mac isn’t seeing)?



  7. Yeah, the main HOA package only has the ITU decoders, not the regular layout ones. Those ITU HOA plugins are working just fine though.
    Cheers Bruce.

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