64-bit WigWare Ambisonics Plugins Now Available.

I’ve recompiled all the plug-ins so there are now 64-bit versions of WigWare for those who now use 64-bit hosts.  All audio processing is un-changed.  Several issues with the Mac graphical user interface occurred when switching to 64-bit (nothing had to change on Windows!) which I had to fix, so please let me know if there are any issues!  Downloads are on the WigWare page, or below :

Below are 2nd and 3rd order horizontal decoders for Mac (for Dan)

2nd and 3rd Order Mac Decoders

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  1. Fantastic work! Thank you.
    I have a bit of an unusual octophonic cube array that I’m trying to dial in. The cube is rotated forward along the horizontal axis “the upper right and left speakers are forward of the listener, the lower right and left are below the listener, etc”… is there a way to adjust the decoder to compensate for HOA output (16 into 8) for this array?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Hi Greg. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking to do here. You have a rotated cube you want to put higher order Ambisonics into? If it’s an 8 speaker cube you’re pretty much stuck with first order, I’m afraid. Or are you wanting something else?

  3. Dear Bruce

    I’m glad I found your site. Looks very interesting. I’m just a happy amateur, but I hope to learn much more about ambisonics.

    This might be a bad start for me, but I can’t figure out how to install this plugin in Reaper: “PC 1st and Higher Order WigWare 64 Bit Plug-ins” – perhaps I’ve missed something.

    Hope you’ll help me. Your teaching-videos look interesting, but I can’t follow them, since I havn’t installed the plugins.

    Best regards

  4. Hi Bruce, i just recently started looking into ambisonics and your tutorial helped me out to get get started, so thanks a bunch! I’ am trying to create a soundinstallation for 10.2 speakers and i was wondering if there’s anyway to apply ambisonics to this setup. i have 5 speakers in the sealing and 5 placed on the floor, aswell as a subwoofer on each side.

    Best regards, Jeppe Andersen
    @ Sonic college

  5. Hi Bruce
    I’ve studied about a video from Spook.fm, it involves the ATK for Reaper. When downloading it on http://www.ambisonictoolkit.net/ , a 404 error shows up. How can I deal with it, or can I get a setup file for Mac OSX 10.9?

    Bruce Yang

  6. Hi Bruce, thanks for all the updates, but the HOA decoder is for 5 channel ITU decoding only? am I missing something here? have downloaded the Mac version ‘Mac Higher Order WigWare 32 and 64 Bit Plug-ins’ but I’m seeing one decode option – WigAmbiDec_4o_ITU. Is there a HOA decoder for other speaker configurations similar to your ‘WigAmbiDec_1o_GUI’?

  7. Hi Dan. The higher order stuff, until recently, has been used mainly for one off projects where I’ve generated decoders when needed. What speaker array are you interested in having a decoder for and (when my Mac is fixed, anyway!), I’ll see if I can knock one up. If you’re using Reaper, I can generate JS effects for this very quickly (which is what I tend to do these days….much easier than VST for multiple platforms etc..)

  8. Hi Bruce, thanks for your reply, I’m using a plain old Octagon/CF, but in Nuendo 7.1 OSX 10.10.5, they’ve added larger busses recently, so wanted to see if the HOA decoder would work HOA to 3D to binaural. Would also like to try a HOA to 2D encoder/decoder for Octagon/CF. However, having said all that, there is something up with the Wigware 2D encode/decode channelisation in N7.1 unfortunately, can’t get results, used to work back in N4, and maybe N5, but now, nothing! : ) I’m not even sure the decoder is doing what it should based on what I’m hearing using directional cue test files, I assume the routing order is still the same in the latest 64bit OSX port?
    1 Center: 0
    2 Left: 45
    3 Left Side: 90
    4 Left Surround: 135
    5 Center Surround: 180
    6 Right Surround: -135
    7 Right Side: -90
    8 Right: -45
    Any tips or added info would be awesome (and yes I should just use Reaper ; )

  9. Hi Dan. I gave up on other DAWs years ago, so can’t comment on Nuendo usage, I’m afraid. However, nothing has changed in the plug-ins except that I’ve recompiled to 64-bit (GUI had to be updated, but underlying code is the same). Test in Reaper (using the evaluation version) to check what should happen.

    For 8 speakers you could use third order. I’ll have a look for a VST Mac 3rd order decoder.

  10. I’ve just added a download to the post which (I think) contains 2nd and 3rd order decoders (6 speakers for 2nd and 8 speakers for 3rd order). Try these for now (and in Reaper first!)

  11. Hi Bruce, thanks for being on this so quickly, I will take a look at these later today and let you know how they go. If you were interested, and you have a Steinberg dongle lying around, N7.1 trial is available, see Steinberg forum, also judging by comments on there, Steinberg are promising to implement their own ambisonic solution in a future version – they really are on the backfoot at this point with VR blowing up all of a sudden, Reaper has really moved ahead when it comes to DAW based ambisonics. Thanks for you feedback on this.

  12. Hi Bruce,

    just to report back, of the new batch you uploaded, in Reaper 5.18 64 bit, the only decoders showing up are ‘WigAmbiDec_2o_GUI_F1_Mav-1114-145824_MAV’ & ‘WigAmbiDec_1o_GUI-0122-125052’ not seeing ‘WigAmbiDec_3o_GUI-0923-125943’ or ‘WigAmbiDec_1o_ITU-0122-131953’ being offered as FX options but everything is in the same folder.

    Also, ‘WigAmbiDec_2o_GUI_F1_Mav-1114-145824_MAV loads in Reaper FX with the description ‘(5->8ch)’ with ‘5 in 8 out’ above the GUI, but it actually only offers 6 channels of output, the options being ‘2o Hexagon with CF’ – ‘2o Hexagon without CF’ – ‘ITU 5.0 2o Wig.’

    Hope this feedback helps somehow : )

  13. Hi Dan. Thanks for that. I can’t check easily without my Mac! I’ll see what else I can dig out – I definitely did an 8 channel 3rd order decoder for the BBC a few years ago.

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