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As part of this blog (which is based on the absolutely fantastic WordPress platform) I’ve been playing with some of the various tweet counters to track how many (if any!) retweets my posts get.  This seemed to be working fine.  However, on my last post, Backtype missed the fact that I tweeted (using the backtype tweet count button on the post) this post.  So, I tried again….still nothing.  I looked at two other tweet counters (Tweetmeme and Topsy) and compared the results….. (click continue reading to….continue reading!)


Clearly something is a rye!  The post previous to this seemed fine with all three agreeing:


I’m not sure whether Twitters API issues are to blame here……  The Topsy button just takes too long to appear on the site, so I’ve gone with the Tweetmeme button for now.  Anyone else having tweet counter issues?

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